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The International Scientific and Practical Internet Journal "PRO-Economics" is devoted to researching aspects of creativity in the economy as a source of innovation and mechanisms of economic growth. The journal examines both institutional and macroeconomic issues, such as knowledge management, the formation of human and intellectual capital, innovative development of the state and regions, the formation of a national innovation system, and various practical aspects, including innovative management and leadership. Particular attention is focused on audience of creative and innovative-active professionals in higher and professional education.

The International Scientific and Practical Internet Journal "PRO-Economics" is an electronic periodical journal registered as a mass media in the Ministry of Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation (certificate of registration of the mass media EL No. FS 77 - 71430 dtd. 26.10.2017), ISSN 2587-7623.

Advantages of publication in the online journal "PRO-Economics":
on the basis of Pro-economics internet-journal we regulary hold conferences (certificate of participation can be provided on demand);
publishing in conferences papers is free of charge;
publishing in journal is free of charge;
article-by-article placement - the issue is formed gradually, the articles are posted on the journal's website as they become available and reviewed;


the publication period is shorter - the editorial cycle is reduced due to the lack of a stage of typographical layout, printing and distribution of copies to authors;
the possibility of publishing articles with a large volume of color illustrations and multimedia forms, because the Internet format allows you not to limit the author's needs in the most diverse forms of presenting scientific research results;
access to articles from anywhere in the world and unlimited opportunities for disseminating information - an article published in the online journal of open access can be sent in seconds to colleagues, uploaded to the organization's website, placed on social networks, etc.

The main content of the journal is the results of original scientific research and analytical reviews.

The editorial board is interested in expanding the circle of authors and publishing scientific articles of various scientific schools. Specialists and scientists interested in economic and business problems are invited to cooperate. Scientific publications (articles) are accepted both in Russian and in English.

The editorial board of the journal includes well-known scientists, representatives of leading Russian universities, public authorities, practitioners.

Focus and scope

The objectives of The International Scientific and Practical Internet Journal "PRO-Economics" - to inform the general public about scientific developments and trends in contemporary science, scientific schools and directions, providing scientific discussions, for approval of scientific research, the formation of an electronic community of scientific experts, information support and promotion of priority research and directions.

The objectives of the journal "PRO-Economics":
• reflection of results of research, scientific, practical and experimental activity of actively working scientists-doctors and candidates of Sciences, young researchers-doctoral students, postgraduates, undergraduates and students actively engaged in scientific and innovative activity;
• promotion of the main achievements of the Eurasian and world University and branch science in the field of development of new technologies;
• identification of the scientific potential of countries for the development and use of advanced science and technology.

Policies of The International Scientific and Practical Internet Journal "PRO-Economics" available here.

Journal Indexing

The International Scientific and Practical Internet Journal "PRO-Economics" is indexed in the world biggest bibliographic databases WorldCat, Google Scholar and Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.


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