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General Conditions

DEAR AUTHORS!!! Papers submission for the 2 issue of Journal, 2024 is completed. Papers were subbmited later than June, 08 will be included into 3 issue of Journal 2024.

Payment for acceptance and consideration of the article

The fee is not charged for submitting an article, inspection and reviewing it.

The conditions of publication

Dear authors, the instructions developed by the Editor (see below) are designed to help you to provide the Editorial Board with all the necessary information for publication and to avoid the most common mistakes.

Sample of the article in Russian here.
Sample of the article in English here.

Our magazine includes the following requirements which are sent by authors of scientific articles:


of author's paper submission  
to The International Scientific and Practical Internet Journal “PRO-Economics”

The present Document is developed on the basis of the Articles of Association of The International Scientific and Practical Internet Journal “PRO-Economics” and Regulations "On the editorial Board of The International Scientific and Practical Internet Journal “PRO-Economics”.

1. Terms & conditions of publishingn 
1.1. Article should correspond to the General direction of the Journal - Economics.
1.2. All received articles will undergo a double blind peer review.
1.3. For free publication of the post-graduate student's article you need a corresponding document from the place of study with the indication of the terms of study.  

2. Types of articles
2.1. The journal accepts articles in Russian or English.
2.2. Article size should be 4-20 pages of text (7-40 thousand printed characters with spaces).  

3. Requirements for articles
3.1. The article should be of high quality from a scientific point of view and consistent with the overall direction of the journal.
3.2. The volume of the article should not, as a rule, exceed 40 thousand characters with spaces.
3.3. At the time of submission, the article should not be published or published in other mass media.
3.4. All abbreviations should be deciphered.
3.5. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the given statistical and other data, sources, quotations, for the use of materials by other authors without appropriate references to sources, etc.  

4. Preparing the paper for publication
4.1. The article should be sent to the editorial e-mail article@proeconomics.ru, in one file (in MS Word format) and include the following information:
a) the author's questionnaire in Russian and English languages:
- full name of the author (s) ,
- academic degree, position and place of work / study or PhD studies (full name and abbreviation),
- work address (with index),
- contact phone number,
- email address;
b) the text of the article.
4.2. The file name should be the name of the author (authors).
4.3. Registration:
- the page format is A4 (210x297 mm);
- all fields-20 mm;
- font size-12 PT. Font - Times New Roman;
- line spacing-one and a half;
- paragraph indent-1.5;
- footnotes accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008 (they should be attached at in the square brackets).
4.4. Annotations in Russian and English – about 500 characters with spaces each (4-6 sentences).
4.5. Several (3-5) key words to the article in Russian and English.
4.6. The title of the article must be translated into English.
4.7. The bibliography references showld be also available in two languages: Russian and English (first russian references in alphabet order, than - english references see example).
4.8. Manuscripts are not returned.
4.9. The editors reserve the right to literary, spelling and other processing of the text of the article in its preparation for publication.  

5. The structure of the article
5.1. The main sections:
- introduction, where it is necessary to present the available results in the field of research and work goals aimed at achieving new knowledge;
- the main part, which depending on the type of work may include sections (materials and methods of research, the results and their discussion, etc. or others like them);
- the conclusion (conclusions) in which as far as possible new results and their theoretical or practical value have to be specified;
- bibliographic list;
- thanks and references to grant numbers.  

6. Illustrations
6.1. Drawings, charts, diagrams should be made clearly in black and white or color. The size of one picture - no more than A4. All parts of picture decrease should be well vary.
6.2. Photos should have a contrast image and be in electronic form in black and white.
6.3. All illustrations are numbered by a single ordinal numbering and are provided with short and precise signatures. The illustration must be referenced in the text.  

7. Tables
7.1. Tables should only be used to represent data that cannot be described in the text. The table will usually be printed in one column with a width of 74 mm and in exceptional cases, in two columns (width 160 mm). The words in the tables should be written in full, correctly should be placed shifts. The table cell at the end of the sentence does not have a period.  

8. References and bibliography
8.1. References and bibliography should be made in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008 (text in square brackets).

9. The order of reviewing articles
9.1. If there is a positive feedback from the editor-in-chief, the manuscripts submitted to the journal are sent to the reviewers on the profile of scientific research. The main criteria for evaluating the manuscript editor-in-chief are: originality of content, high quality, scientific rigor and interest for a wide audience of readers.
9.2. Articles of the editorial Board members and reviewers, written alone or in co-authorship, are subject to review on General grounds.
9.3. The review does not involve specialists working in the same institution where the work is done.
9.4. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent to them are the property of the authors and relate to information that is not subject to disclosure.
9.5. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of articles for their needs.
9.6. If the review of the article has an indication of the need to correct it, it is sent to the author for revision. In this case, the date of receipt of the revised article is considered to be the date of return.
9.7. In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer, the author has the right to provide a reasoned response to the editorial Board. The article can be sent for re-reviewing or for approval by the editorial Board.
9.8. The decision on the expediency of publication after reviewing is made by the editor – in-chief, and if necessary-the editorial Board as a whole.  

10. Author’s rights
10.1. Acceptance of the article for publication implies free indefinite transfer by the author (s) of non-exclusive copyright articles editorial.
10.2. All exclusive rights remain with the authors of the articles.  

For more information about the layout of the articles in a foreign language

Internet journal "PRO-Economics" has the right to publish articles in Russian and English languages.

Articles in a foreign language are issued in accordance with the same instructions as Russian (Instructions for authors). All data on the authors, the title of the article, abstract and keywords are provided to the editor in two languages! If the article is originally written in Russian and then translated, it is advisable to send a Russian version of the article to the editor.

Pay attention! In the cover letter it is necessary to indicate whether the article is written in a foreign language or translated, if translated, by someone – the author (s) or a professional translator.

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